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Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Financial Technology

We help African organizations satisfy the evolving needs of their customers, regulators, and markets.

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Retail & Commercial Banking

We offer a vast array of solutions at every stage of your customers journey, including:
A Digital Banking solution
A Mobile Banking & Wallet app
A fully customizable Micro-Savings & Loans app


EldonHealth and EldonCar offer a comprehensive, adaptable, and fully customizable Insurance solutions that caters to your entire organization's needs.

Risk & Compliance

Our Risk & Compliance solution helps businesses mitigate risk, prepare for the evolving regulatory environment, and address the dangers associated with financial crime.


Humongous Admin, our flexible yet robust Business Process Digitilization helps model and modernize all of your organization's processes simply and efficiently.

Inventory Optimization

We use advanced AI and machine learning to empowers businesses to reduce their inventory levels of raw materials, finished goods, and parts while ensuring that they can meet customer service level agreements with ample inventory on hand.

Anti-Money Laundering

We use a wide range of machine learning techniques to identify potentially fraudulent activities while considerably minimizing the frequency of false positive alerts.

Anomaly detection

We improve production yield and process efficiency by analyzing operational data and identifying anomalies across various systems. We also help generate prioritized alerts and root cause analysis.

Demand forecasting

We leverage our AI-based segmentation to identify distinct demand profiles, allows for granular forecasting configuration across products, locations, and customers, and provides detailed scenarios to achieve precise demand forecasting.

Data governance

In cases where you need to meet some regulatory compliance and standards, our Audit feature lets you monitor granularly how your data is accessed at all time.


Consolidate customer information to enhance marketing, pricing, and services at every stage of the customer journey.

Data Pipeline

We help your data analysts and engineering teams create robust data pipelines without the need to write a single line of code.

BI & Data analytics

We interconnect your SQL, R, Python and data visualization to facilitate rapid delivery of insights within your organization.